New Supervision function
Update V20140929

You can now create your dashboards and display all of your sensors on one single screen with automatic refresh.


You just need to create a user with « Supervision » rights. By connecting with the login and password of this user, the board with be automatically displayed with the temperature, the time of last log, and the color will help you to know if your sensors are in alarm status. You can also drag each sensor with the mouse or with your finger to put them in the order you like.

This screen can be displayed on a PC, but also on a Smartphone or a Tablet.

Your sensors on a map

New : View your sensors on a map !

For a better visibility of your sensors, you can now display them on custom maps.

You can download a picture of your maps and place the sensors on their precise locations.

The colour of each sensor changes depending on its status (presence of alarms). Move your mouse over a point to get the instantaneous value.

Click the point to open the graph.

Temperature control with thermotrack webserve

How to create your maps? It is very simple :

–          Download the picture of your map in jpeg or gif format
–          Position your sensors on the map with your mouse by moving each point
–          Select the users that will be allowed to view the map

You can create as many maps as you want.

Existing users: If you cannot see the map on the homepage, click F5 to reload the page.

New option for the alarms

Get an alarm siren wherever you want when temperature exceeds the thresholds : TTW Pop Up Client

The “Pop-Up Client” is an audible and visual alarm signal, that is activated when temperature thresholds are exceeded. It indicates the alarm type, the temperature log and the high and low thresholds. The alarm has to be acknowledged.

It takes less than one minute to set it up and it can be installed on an unlimited number of Pcs. This is a remote, multi site and multi user alarm control. You only have to buy it once.
Download the Pop-Up client and test it for free using the login: demo and password: demo

Download the documentation and manual here

Contact your distributor or Proges Plus to get a quotation


New Version of Thermotrack Webserve

Thermotrack-Webserve has changed.

If you use Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons :

  • You will have to update the new communication tools based on Java technology.
  • Visit the page Thermo Buttons Drivers to check if those tools are properly installed on your computer.

Then, use the menu situated on the right of the page to connect directly to your platform, by entering the login and password that you already have.

Java enables an easier communication with the Thermo Buttons and the use of Thermotrack Webserve with Firefox and Chrome.

If you don’t use Thermo Buttons :

  • Nothing has changed for you.
  • You can directly connect to your platform from the menu situated on the right of the page, by entering your login and password.

The new homepage :

This new homepage enables us to publish important information on the use of your temperature monitoring system.

The rest of the site has not been changed, as you will see when connected.

We wish you a good visit, and remain at your disposal.

Very best regards,


Your Plug and Track team