Alarms Reminder

New function: alarms reminder
Update V20140123

You can now program the alarms to be resent automatically, until the temperature is back to the normal range. This enables you to closely monitor the temperature of your equipments.
If you have activated the alarms justification, the reminder is sent until the alarm is justified.

To activate this alarm repetition, enter the reminder frequency in the sensors settings.

Thermotrack Webserve temperature monitoring
Alarms reminder in Thermotrack Webserve

Your sensors on a map

New : View your sensors on a map !

For a better visibility of your sensors, you can now display them on custom maps.

You can download a picture of your maps and place the sensors on their precise locations.

The colour of each sensor changes depending on its status (presence of alarms). Move your mouse over a point to get the instantaneous value.

Click the point to open the graph.

Temperature control with thermotrack webserve

How to create your maps? It is very simple :

–          Download the picture of your map in jpeg or gif format
–          Position your sensors on the map with your mouse by moving each point
–          Select the users that will be allowed to view the map

You can create as many maps as you want.

Existing users: If you cannot see the map on the homepage, click F5 to reload the page.

2 new options in Thermotrack Webserve

Thermotrack Webserve has just been updated to add 2 new options, for a easier classification of your equipments:

1) Active and Non Active Equipment
This option enables to mask the equipments you will stop using temporarily. They won’t appear in the homepage but their data will be kept.

All the equipments created are active by default. To desactivate an equipment, click “Equipments” in the homepage, then select the equipment and click “Modify”. Finally, untick the bow “Active Equipment”. The equipment won’t be displayed in the homepage.

2) Equipments selection in the homepage
In the homepage, you will find 2 drop-down lists (Equipments and Status) that enable to select the equipments you want to be displayed (according to the equipment type: Thermo Buttons, Ethernet Sensor…or to the status: OK or in alarm). Just untick the equipments and/or status you don’t want to see in the homepage.

The Plug&Track team is here to assist you if you need further information.